Change is good

Yesterday I decided to let go of my long hair. I don't know whether it was Garance Doré who pushed me over the edge, or my friends who chopped their hair too this week. However, I was having lunch at a great new discovery downtown when I spotted a fancy hairdresser across the street. They had stained glass and the facade looked very decadent. I have to admit that I am a sucker for anything that goes with great architecture. So my curiousity got me in later that week and I instantly had a right feeling about this place and the people who work there, which I believe is the most important thing when you visit a hairdresser. So I made an appointment for that same afternoon.

The building turned out to be an old mansion that has been transformed into this neat barbershop. I had a great treatment (including a delightful scalp massage) and after that my hairdresser worked on my Olivia Palermo-look. Years ago I would find chopping my hair rather horrible than refreshing. But I guess as you get older, you learn that sometimes, change is good. And my trademark buns look even better now. Win-win!

Oh, the hairdresser is called Ralf Kappers van NU and they even have their own app for iPhone where you can make your appointment.

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