The warmth of searching

So.. Here it is, my first blog post. It took me a while to start writing this thing. Seems that there is always an excuse to postpone these 'obligations'. The past few weeks, or actually all summer long, I have been searching for a perfect start. But seemingly, in digital life, there is no perfect, right or shiny way to begin. You just have to do it. So, that is what I did.

But of course, everyone needs a little push from time to time. And mine came from one of my favorite bloggers in the universe, Ingrid Holm. I first ran into her blog called 'The Showmanship' three years ago and I immediately fell in love. Besides her effortless style, I also admire her manner of writing. Nowadays she runs the blog ingridholm.no, where I read the Brocade Bomber Jacket post this morning. The way she composed this small piece of writing, remembered me why blogging is something I want to do. Sharing little bits of life, ordinary or outrageous, and finding an audience to feed them to. Therefore, I dedicate this first blog post to you Ingrid.

In the future I will try and write about all my days in bloom. Because mostly, I am always searching for all that is beautiful and beyond.


Anandi Iman Fauve

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