Blood Bank

I became a blood donor this week so it ain't suprising that Bon Iver's Blood Bank was my tune the past days. Justin Vernon, leadsinger of the band, got me hooked to his music and voice since 2009 and the worship is still going strong. Two years ago, I saw them performing Blood Bank live in Utrecht, which was by far the best act I have ever seen in my life. The audience was completely stunned by the performance. Sweet memories. Back to the studio version of Blood Bank, where the melody brings serenity and the words are ambiguous.

that secret that you knew
but don't know how to tell
it fucks with your honor
and it teases your head
but you know that its good girl
'cos its running you with red

and I said I know it well

P.S.: Did you know that Bon Iver is derived from the french phrase bon hiver, meaning 'good winter'. Even more reasons to love these men.

P.P.S.: I basicly love everything that goes with the word winter in french. L'Hiver de l'Amour. Another great name of the Dutch designer duo Viktor & Rolf for their first installation as part of an international group show of contemporary art at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France.

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