Vogue Talk

On the 25th of October I attended an exclusive party at Vogue Nederland. Together with 30 others we were selected through a photo on Instagram and ended up a couple of months later at the gorgeous, brand new HQ (including scrap wood tables, white Eames DSW chairs and big vases with softtone roses). For me, Vogue is infinite grace. The way they combine images with words is true craftmanship. So seeing the place where this monthly fashion bible is made and meeting the faces behind it, was truly amazing. We were welcomed with champagne from Frerejean Fréres, Petit Gâteau pastries and to hydrate, the desks were filled with lined up bottles of MARIE-STELLA-MARIS. Next to that, there was also a very qualified team of hair (Het Haartheater), make-up (Skins Cosmetics) and nails (Essie) to take care of us in every possible way. I met a lot of cool people and fellow bloggers and felt utterly happy when I left Amsterdam that evening, carrying a goodiebag with Shiseido creams, Laura Mercier make-up and other treats.

I want to share my favorite picture of that evening, where I'm having a 'Vogue talk' with editor in chief Karin Swerink, woman of the world.


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