The Food Diary

Hello new year, it's been a while. Lots of stuff happend since we added a 14 behind the 20. I almost forgot to look back at the year that also brought me a lot of good things. Especially when it comes to good food. I think I'm allowed to call myself a foodie now (meaning; a person with a particular interest in food). Experiencing new tastes or combining familiar ingredients to end up with a suprising new dish. Life's too short for old and tried combinations, so my goal is to daily spice up my kitchen. So here's a little 'looking back' (because that's what you're supposed to do when you own a blog these days), where I decided to pick 5 of the best dishes I made last year and share them with you. Enjoy and don't hesitate to throw in a request about the preparations  they're not that difficult and believe me, it's worth your time!

Stew with grean beans, spring onion and rosemary grilled chicken with goat cheese
Lukewarm salad with couscous, celery, smoked chicken, peach and fig & date vinegar
Grilled figs with honey quark and brown sugar
Salmon-vegetable stew with carrot, leek, wild rice and dille
Oven baked gnocchi with Port Salut, tomatoes, bacon and Italian herbs

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