Ode to Olaf

Grief comes in all shapes and sizes. There is the kind of sadness you go through when someone passes away, when your heart is broken for the first time (second, third, fourth..) or when a dream simply got lost along the way. I bet everyone has their own version of grief. Just as everyone has their own way of dealing with this kind of sorrow. The famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf created a serie of pictures back in 2007, where innocence, hope and joy are lost.
'In Grief, Erwin Olaf's most recent photo series, solitary figures brood in tearful silence. Loosely based on the style of American aristocracy in the early 1960s, and more precisely, on the torment of Jacqueline Kennedy immediately after the assassination of her husband, these images blend historical detail with staged emotions.'   Jonathan Turner, Reflex Amsterdam 
The whole serie is a touching and moving example of a, in my eyes, exquisite form of pain, as Carrie Bradshaw used once so wisely. The retro set with furnishings in natural colors, wood-tones and leather, the textured walls, the clothing style of the grieving models, it's timeless. I get a certain feeling from watching these photos. A feeling that's impossible to explain. It might bring up the melodramatic exquisite pain Carrie talked about earlier, or it just might be sheer compassion. However, one thing is clear. Love is universal, but so is grief.

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