Lessons from Audrey

I ran into a postcard last weekend of the lovely and utterly sophisticated Audrey Hepburn, captured by Henry Clarke for Vogue back in 1961. 'What stripes are to tigers and peaches to cream, these sun clothes are to smart resort life: indispensable. Dazzly sweater in crackling shades of pinks and oranges, miniscule pink shorts and a black straw hat like a Mexican gaucho.' To me, along with half the universe I suppose, Hepburn is my favorite style icon. Her class, peppiness and little black dresses never go out of style. And along with her legendary role in Breakfast at Tiffany's, us women should have learned the next three things from this graceful lady..

1. The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.
2. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible.
3. And last but not least.. Wearing your hair up is always a good idea.

P.s.: Sadly, Audrey passed away at the day I was born, January 20, 1993. But I'm starting to believe (or secretly hope) more and more that I am her reincarnate. Hey, a girl can dream.
P.p.s.: I listened to the Breakfast at Tiffany's playlist on Spotify while writing this blogpost, it makes me happy all the time. If you like that kind of music, you should definetely give Audrey's version of Moon River a try. 

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