The Liebster Chain

Yay! I got nominated for the Liebster award... Let's cut to the chase right away, the Liebster award is a honorable passing-through 'award' that lets us discover new blogs. The sweet Birgit from Big City Life NY nominated me first. I met her at the exclusive Vogue Party last year and we kept in touch ever since. She suprised me with a lot of good questions. It felt a little odd answering those questions because mostly, I am the person who does all the questioning (read: journalist). But it was nice to take some time and think about issues I never asked myself. So thank you for that, Birgit.

What will you wear on your first day at Vogue?
Tough one.. I remember having a little panic attic in front of my closet when I had my interview at Vogue and time was running out. So I guess I'm going to be super prepared on this first day. I may choose three sets of outfits and decide that morning which one fits my mood (or the ever so changing Dutch weather) the best.

Your number 1 would-love-to-interview during your internship?
Definitely Garance Doré! She has always been my number one role model. And I think, als I can speak for us bloggers, we should all admire that woman.

Would you prefer to work for Anna Wintour or Karin Swerink?
Karin Swerink I believe, because I think you get to work in a more personal way with her. Back in America with Anna there's a certain distance which is hard to overcome. Over here in Holland, Vogue feels more like family. 

Biggest fashion faux pas?
I always find it hard to answer these kind of questions because with the right people, 'wrong' can still be good. But if I have to pick one, it would be denim jackets. Never worn those and never will.

Biggest fashion must-have this summer?
A good pair of Jacky-O sunglasses. These never go out of style and they instantly add a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to your look.

Fashion magazine or Interior magazine?
Two total different worlds. The thing that connects interior and fashion is the art of combining beautiful materials and colors. I think that is what will always keep me going in these industries. But it's hard to decide at this moment, I will get back to this when the Vogue adventure has begun.

What would you like to accomplish with your writing?
I want people to visualize when reading, to get a certain feeling, to really be in the article. And after reading it, I want them to remember passages from the interview or article. Some words should be in eternity.

Your blog in 5 words:
Searching for beyond beautiful things.

Must do when visiting Amsterdam?
Find a quiet spot in that haze, sit still for a minute and enjoy the feeling of a foreign country.

Amsterdam, Antwerp or New York?
New York, even though I have never been there. I think in this city, everyone get's a little carried away, in a good way.

Anandi’s bite of The Big Apple:
Together with all fashion loving women who write in this world, I am a big fan of Carrie Bradshaw, the star character of Sex and the City. And even though every man patronizes it, I believe that the serie is one of the best guidelines there is/are. I can watch the episodes over and over again. It's wonderful to slide into the world of those four ladies. So if you ask me, what my bite of the big apple is, I can absofuckinglutely say; SATC!


Pass it on, share the rage. It's my turn to nominate another blogger and I choose Charonne from splashesandcouture. I love her style and she also shares my enormous affection for gold and pastels. Charonne, here are your questions in a form of two options to choose from. I am very curious to find out which one you pick and why. Good luck!

Gold or silver?
Heels or sneakers?
Styling or photographing?
Facebook or Instagram?
Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer?
Magazine or blog?
Pastel or black and white?
Successful carreer or lucky in love?
Knitwear or lace?
Stella McCartney or Isabel Marant?
Lucky number or life quote?

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