Venice of the North

Last week I went on a little city trip to Bruges, one of the oldest cities in Belgium and also known as the 'Venice of the North'. The city center is very charasteristic with its canals and old buildings. Besides all the beautiful sights and buildings, Bruges also has some fine treasures, hidden in its core. Since I went to Pisa last year and had the worst caprese salad right next to the Leaning Tower, I figured that good places are harder to find, but worth the search. And searching is what I did. Note to self: always do your research in the days before you leave. So if you're planning on going to Bruges anytime soon, here is my list of ten places for coffee, dine and inspiration. They are worth your visit!

Enjoying my view on one of the many bridges in town
A beautiful canal house in bloom - lucky number 21!

Li O Lait 
A very cozy and artistic place with napkin art on the walls. Famous for their slow coffees and tea infusions from tea sommelier Ann Vansteenkiste. Must try: iced mocha latte and the Portuguese custard tart. (Dweerstraat 30)

Fresh and good food made with love by owner Sofie. This spot is perpect to reload if you have an afternoon of city hopping in front of you. Must try: her homemade strawberry cheesecake, looks perfect, tastes exactly the same. (Dweerstraat 15)

Vero Caffé
The place to be in Bruges when it comes to coffee and meeting the locals. Great interior in a vintage style, run by mother and daughter. Must try: home made ice tea and all their desirable pastries. (Sint-Jansplein 9)

Napkin art at Li O Lait

Balls & Glory
What the owners like most about their meatballs is that they are filled with things they love and that is exactly why I put this place on my list. There's a big table with open kitchen and you can choose between the two stuffed meatballs of the day. Hungry and in a rush? Take a ball to go! Must try: the happy balls, little meatballs in the flavours cherry, mozzarella-pepper, olive-pepper, mozzarella-peas mint. (Langestraat 93)

Bonte B
An article in the Flemish newspaper De Standaard put this restaurant on my radar. Not only the food sounded promising, but their interior has been furnished by architect Lieven Musschoot. Chef Bernard Bonte and his wife Valerie make you feel like home in a mix of Scandinavian design and pure materials. Having dinner at this cozy spot is a true worthy experience. Must try (for fish lovers only): the white sea bass with clams and risotto. (Dweerstraat 12)

Ellis Gourmet Burger
In this place they focus on one thing; burgers! And they do it well. Only looking at the menu will give you an instant appetite. With a classic, veggie or signature burger and a pitcher of homemade ice tea, the burger party is complete. They are also planning to open stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Yay! Must try: the vegetarian burger with Portobello, goat's cheese, grilled vegetables, tarragon mayonnaise and red onion. (Simon Stevinplein 14)

Dessert at Bonte B; chocolate jelly with a mango sorbet, passion fruit crémeux and coconut mousse

Frederiek van Pamel
A great store located on the Eiermarkt, specialized in flowers and interior, with a different and suitable presentation each season. What I really liked about this store is that they are not afraid to use colour and surprising style combinations. Eye-catcher: the Dutch Ay illuminate lighting collection. (Eiermarkt 3)

lilola (live love laugh)
This concept store has everything one needs to live, love and laugh. Jewelry, clothes, bags, scented candles, they even have a little coffee bar for when the amazingness becomes a bit too much. The spot is located a little off track but it's definitely worth a visit! Eye-catcher: the golden Bud to Rose jewelry. (Langestraat 47b)

In this minimalistic small store with Scandinavian touch, you will find the beautiful clothes of Flippa K, By Malene Birger, Samsøe & Samsøe and many others. The some what expensive, but fancy brands they sell, are full of quality and craftmanship. Butik has a webshop too, so you don't have to worry about missing anything out when you're back home. Eye-catcher: the Classic Sheffield watches from Daniel Wellington. (Academiestraat 12)

Colour invasion at Frederiek van Pamel


Sanseveria Bagelsalon
'Keep calm and eat a bagel', that is exactly what I did when I sat down in this cozy place after a long morning of stroling down the streets of Bruges. It was a tough decision, seeing al the delicious bagels written down on a big chalkboard above the counter. All the bagels had funny names, like Leon, Billie and James, with a perfect combination of ingredients. This bagelsalon has a very retro livingroom-like interior with of course; sansevierias! So if you walk along the street and see these plants in front of the window, stop immediately and get in. Must try: Bagel Oscar with Speculoos spread, appel and Speculoos crumble. Bagel on guys! (Predikherenstraat 11)


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