Expectations in Love

No New Year's resolution to start 2015 with, but just some food for thought on the L-word. I believe the world is not full of limitless great loves and íf you have found one, you are quite a lucky bastard. See, I'm a dreamer, always have been and always will be. Once you've had the best (or watched too many happily ever after movies), you simply can't settle for less. Or at least I won't. And in this era of advanced emancipation when it comes to dating, and your 'soulmate' for the night is just one swipe away on Tinder, I wonder if the old fashioned romantics among us will every find her big love on a hotel doorstep in Paris (or Tilburg), telling her she's the one..

Million thank-you's to Michael Patrick King, the man that gave us women eternal love; Carrie Bradshaw & John James Preston.

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